Peggy Russell

With almost 30 years experience designing fabric and accessories for home and body, Peggy has a thorough grasp of how to make people 'comfortable and feel at home in their own skin and location'.

Gloucester, MA. The safe haven, the creative juice bar, the amazing and welcoming piece of the rock where I have landed...quite by surprise and not necessarily by was fate that brought me here. The views, the people, varied in every nuance. It's an experience every season and I cherish this storied locale. This is a place they say "where Gloucester finds you, not the other way around". A melding of cultures, socioeconomic and historic varieties. Gloucester is still 'authentic' and provides a real-ness and a grounded place from which to draw inspiration and ideas. I walk to work, take the train into Boston sometimes instead of driving, park my car for weeks on end without using it, feel safe and watched out for by strangers and friends alike.

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Textiles- IRO Design

Peggy's first love. Textiles and painting, and merging the two into fanciful and psychedelic patterns and soothing dynamic energizing colors. Iro means color in Japanese and for 28 years was Peggy's sole enterprise and heartbeat.

IRO Design creates beautiful and unusual accessories for the home and body. Bold patterns and colorful images are the hallmark of our products.

IRO Design

Interiors- Art by the sea

Whether it's repurposing existing furnishings and adding fresh paint, or starting with a bare room, Peggy can help clients to "imagine and envision" what will ultimately make a space feel their own. Starting with the 'Big Picture' and narrowing down to essential elements, keeping aware of budgets and knowing how best to achieve 'place' while limiting costly construction or excessive purchases, and sourcing items that enliven and showcase your unique personality and personal treasures.

Retail- Pop gallery

Pop Gallery opened in Summer 2010 with five artisans looking to have a seasonal selling location away from Boston, and to collaborate in a seaside summer setting. Nine years later, it's a one owner, full year round retail operation showcasing hundreds of designer/makers and unique items from the US and beyond, including many designers not found anywhere in these parts!

Artistic Collaborators

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